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AfterWork CLT & CHS

As some of you may know, we have been working with the guys over at Carolina Nightlife (CarolinaNightlife.com) for quite some time. So it seemed like a natural choice for us to link up again when it came time to work on the design/development of their new spin-off company “AfterWork CLT” and “AfterWork CHS.”

The idea behind the AfterWork organization is to appeal to an audience who look forward to happy hour after a long day at the office. The type of people who enjoy a drink at a swanky downtown bar after leaving the office for the day, but don’t want to stay out late enough to be lumped into the “nightlife” crowd. The company focuses on hosting and promoting events targeted to the late 20’s/early 30’s professional crowd at various higher-end establishments in downtown Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC (hence the “CLT” and “CHS” in the name).

The project started with the development of the AfterWork logo(s). The mark needed to be bold, simple and easily recognizable. To achieve these goals, we used a heavy block typeface for the main “AFTERWORK” brand, with the city surname in a smaller type beside it. To further the idea of the “happy hour” nature of this organization’s events, a bottle shape was formed in the negative space in the “W” of the word “Work.” Orange is used in the branding not only because it’s a bright, bold color, but also to further the notion of this organization’s ties to the Carolina Nightlife brand.

When it came time to develop the websites for both cities, we stuck with a simple to-the-point design where visitors could very quickly and easily find the ads for that day’s event. The sites are identical in design and functionality, but will differ in content based on the events being held in each city. The sites are designed as a simple weekly calendar with each day having a spot in the main navigation. To view each day’s event, the visitor would click on the day and quickly see the event’s ad in the window below.

To add a little “pizzazz” to these sites, because of their simple nature, we used a nice little jquery script that slides the banners to their respective day based on which link the visitor clicks. Another cool aspect of these sites is the use of a sophisticated banner management system to control the event banner pages. This makes the updating and changes a much easier process for everyone involved!

Now, I know that a “nightlife” or “party” type of site isn’t everyone’s cup-o-tea, but even if you’re not into the social scene… you should still drop by and check them out if only for their simple, but effective functionality.


Back to work!
– Justin