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Every Great Invention Starts With A Little Idea!

Little Idea LLC

Little Idea LLC

As with a lot of the clients we work with, the folks over at Charlotte, NC based invention development company, Little Idea, initially contacted us in regards to a new website design/development. After a brief initial conversation they decided that entrusting Sublmnl Design with undertaking a complete branding overhaul was the best way to go (of course, we agreed with them).

The project began with a total re-design of the Little Idea logo. Although they were a young company, they had developed some brand recognition through the use of a yellow light-bulb image being present in all of their previous materials. Taking that idea and working it into the new logo design was a successful way of tying their built-in recognition with current/past clients, and updating it to give them a more professional image. We used a bold color combination of yellow and black to further this notion of the old imagery (the old yellow light bulb) into their new branding scheme.

Once the logo and identity system were finished up and ready for use, we tackled the project of doing a complete re-design/re-development of the Little Idea website. They were the first to admit that their old web presence wasn’t presenting them as the professional organization that they are, so we started with a complete overhaul from the ground-up. We started by creating a new web design that would be cohesive with the new identity system that we had just completed. We also implemented the ability to upload product example videos, and a photo gallery for each product that Little Idea has worked on. We built the site with scalability in mind, so it can grow along with the future of the company. Along with the website design, we took the new “look” into Little Idea’s various social media accounts, so no matter where you might come across them out there on the web, everything from Little Idea looks cohesive.


“Sublmnl Design did a fabulous job for Little Idea, LLC. They developed our new logo/identity scheme and website, giving us a polished new look and an easy-to-use content management system. Their professionalism is impressive, and they’re always responsive and stay on schedule. They have a favorite quote: “No problem,” and they’re right, there were no problems! We couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with Sublmnl Design!”
– Patti Palmer | Marketing Director, Little Idea, LLC