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Forty Rod Roadhouse Website

We recently got a chance to work on a project for a pretty cool new restaurant/pub/live music venue concept. Forty Rod Roadhouse is a new, and pretty interesting concept for the Charlotte, NC area. Not only is it a spot to grab a great burger, watch your favorite game on one of the many TV’s that cover the walls, or just stop in for a cold beer…. it’s also a great place to watch your favorite local/regional and even national touring bands on it’s main stage!

From a branding and “look” perspective, it was a refreshing break to get a chance to work on something a little more “grungy” and “edgy” (to use a few ridiculous cliche’s) looking. When it came to designing the actual look and layout for this one, the main goal was to get the idea of their “edgy” branding theme across to the visitor, but also portray it as a serious business serving great food. To get the idea across, we did a happy medium between the grungy look of their main branding image and a rigid “blocky” style layout. This allows the visitor to find the content on the site without having to search high and low.

As usual, we integrated a CMS solution into this one for easy updates and easy scalability once this concept takes off and more locations are added. All-in-all it was a fun project to work on… so drop by and check it out. After you get your fill of the site, you should drop by the actual location and grab a cold one!

On to the next project.