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Giving A Fresh Look To Old Stone Winery!

A few months ago an email came through the Sublmnl Design contact form from the new owners of the Salisbury, NC based winery “Old Stone Winery” (OSW). The email said, “We have been working with another designer/developer, and they just aren’t coming through for us. We need help!” So naturally, I had to reply and come to the rescue!

After speaking with the client over the phone we were able to come to the conclusion that they not only needed a web design, but also a complete branding overhaul! OSW has been a staple on most people’s trip down I-85 from the great white north, down to the NC/SC beaches. It has a great reputation for award-winning wines, with almost all of their various wines winning at least one medal in each competition that they’ve entered over the years. The main problem they had is, that up to this point they have not had a professional image that projects the notion of being an award-winning winery. So our first step was to bring OSW into a more professional light.

The project started with a new logo/identity system. One of the only things that had been consistent over the years in the OSW branding was the image of a horse on the bottle labels, brochures, etc… To keep with this brand familiarity, we updated the logo with imagery of a galloping horse to signify OSW’s roots as an old horse farm. The use of a stylized serifed font was implemented for the “Old Stone” and coupled with a more modern san-serif font for the “Winery” in the logo, to show how OSW was sticking to it’s roots while moving toward the future under new ownership.

When it came time to begin the web design/development, it was important that the brand was shown as a professional and stylish operation. The use of rich colors and many textures shows that the winery is a modern operation who hasn’t forgotten its humble roots as a farm. The site features a content management system on the back-end for easy client-side site management, as well as, e-commerce capabilities and the ability to sign up for OSW’s Wine Club.

One aspect of this site that was a little different from past projects, was the use of Sublmnl Design’s new photography services. Professional on-site photography shows the winery through rich, quality photos rather than using stock photography, or utilizing the client’s point-and-shoot camera photos. Photography is something that can make, or break, any design and I think the OSW ownership made the wise decision to invest in quality photography for the site.

Thus concludes today’s post… time to get back to the grind to launch one more website before Christmas shows it’s beautiful face on Friday!


– Justin